Mental Health Awareness week | Moving more for our mental health: 13 – 19 May 2024

We’re proud to support this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme ‘moving more for our mental health’.

As an Ofsted outstanding training provider delivering PE, Health, and Wellbeing apprenticeships, we understand the benefit of physical activity on our wellbeing. Our PE apprentices have been making an impact in schools and community football clubs since 2011, building relationships and inspiring children to be active.

By employing an apprentice in your school, you can enjoy the additional capacity to offer breakfast, lunchtime, and after-school activities to inspire children to be active.

Create your own PE Lead and expand your PE provision
Apprenticeship training can also be used as an additional CPD opportunity to upskill an existing member of staff who has a passion for PE, and who can support accountability related to addressing the five key areas that schools should prioritise their PE and Sport Premium spending.

As a school if you’re wondering how you can increase the extra capacity and resource required to maximise opportunities to host more extra-curricular clubs – look no further than hiring a PE, Health and Wellbeing apprentice. An apprentice can support the wellbeing of pupils in schools or as part of community clubs.

Why hire an apprentice?

  • Increase engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity and sport.
  • Raise the profile of PE and sport across the school, to support the whole school movement
  • Offer a broader and more equal experience of a range of sports and physical activities to all pupils
  • Benefit from the additional capacity to offer breakfast, lunchtime, and after-school activities to support children to be active.
  • Inspire children to embrace an active lifestyle and to reach their full potential or to increase participation in competitive sport

Read more about ways you can support your mental health: The Mental Health Foundation

Since 2001, the Mental Health Foundation has been leading Mental Health Awareness Week – bringing together the UK to focus on getting good mental health. Each May, millions of people from every part of society take part. They include people in schools and further education; private, public and charity sectors; families and individuals.