Learning and Skills Mentor Apprenticeship training 

Learning and Skills Mentor training programme: Level 4


Unlock your staff potential with a mentorship training programme

Develop experienced staff to support mentor, guide, and coach colleagues 

The Learning and Skills Mentor training programme is designed specifically for schools and provides a unique learning opportunity to enhance the skills and expertise of your staff members.

For example, through our comprehensive programme, we aim to empower your school workforce by equipping staff with the necessary tools to become effective mentors, which can foster a supportive learning environment for students and colleagues alike.

This apprenticeship standard would be ideal for experienced Teaching Assistants who are considering personal professional development to build the skills and efficiency to share good practice and support other Teaching Assistants.

Online Information event:

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Hosted by Educational and Sporting Futures Director, Jo Pountney.

What you can expect:-

We invite you to attend a live online information event.  It’s an opportunity to find out more about the apprenticeship training with Educational and Sporting Futures Director, Jo Pountney.

In addition, we share details of further new apprenticeship training for schools to include:-

Level 4: Learning and Skills Mentor
Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among staff members, enabling them to work more cohesively as a team.

Level 5: Specialist Teaching Assistant *COMING SOON*
Equip experienced TAs with specialist knowledge pathways in either; SEND, curriculum area, or Social, Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Level 7: Senior Leader *COMING SOON*
Inclusive of NPQ qualification

Benefits of your staff undertaking the Learning and Skills Mentor Apprenticeship:

Professional Development

Through investing in the learning and skills mentor apprenticeship can demonstrate your commitment to the growth and development of your staff.

By participating in the programme, your staff members will gain valuable mentoring coaching techniques, which can enhance their professional capabilities and enable them to upskill others.

Improved staff collaboration

Mentoring promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among staff members. Through our apprenticeship, your staff will develop effective communication and interpersonal skills, enabling them to work more cohesively as a team. This collaborative mindset will ultimately benefit the entire school community.

Learning content will include:

Understanding the Role of a Learning and Skills Mentor:
– Explore the responsibilities and expectations of a learning and skills mentor.
– Understand the importance of maintaining professional boundaries and ethical practices.

Building Effective Mentoring Relationships:
– Develop the skills to establish and maintain positive mentoring relationships.
– Learn techniques for effective communication, active listening, and empathy.
– Understand the importance of trust, confidentiality, and respect in mentoring relationships.

Supporting Individual Learning and Development:
– Gain knowledge of different learning styles and strategies to support individual needs.
– Develop the ability to identify and address barriers to learning.
– Learn how to set appropriate goals and provide constructive feedback.

Promoting Inclusive Practice:
– Understand the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion in a learning environment.
– Learn strategies to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all learners.
– Develop the skills to adapt teaching and mentoring approaches to meet diverse needs.

Assessing and Evaluating Mentoring Practice:
– Learn how to effectively assess and evaluate mentoring practice.
– Understand the importance of reflection and continuous improvement.
– Develop skills in providing constructive feedback and guidance for improvement.

Safeguarding and Wellbeing:
– Gain knowledge of safeguarding policies and procedures.
– Understand the importance of promoting the wellbeing and mental health of learners.
– Learn how to recognise and respond appropriately to safeguarding concerns.

Professional Development and Networking:
– Develop a personal development plan to enhance mentoring skills and knowledge.
– Explore opportunities for professional networking and collaboration.
– Understand the importance of staying up to date with industry developments and best practices.

Who is this course suitable for?

Schools may choose to upskill one or more experienced Teaching Assistants or Heads of Department.

What are the entry requirements

An individual would typically be expected to have already achieved GCSE Maths and English, Grade C or above or 4/5.

How will you be assessed?

Guidance will be provided at every step during your learning journey to ensure you know what is expected of you. Over the course of the apprenticeship, you will complete a series of projects and activities which will form your portfolio of evidence for submission as part of your End Point Assessment (EPA).

All apprentices that successfully complete the Learning and Skills Assessor Apprenticeship will receive a Certificate awarded by the EPA Organisation. The certificate will be recognised by the DfE and the Institute for Apprenticeships. The assessment will result in either a ‘fail’, ‘pass’ or ‘distinction’.

Fund educational testing using your Apprenticeship Levy

Utilise the school Apprenticeship Levy and unlock £5,000 of funding to cover the full cost of this apprenticeship training.

If you are a non-Levy School we can support you to access £4,750 worth of Government funding towards training costs.

How to enroll

  • You may choose to register one or more members of your staff to attend this training or they may register themselves.

Enrolling for September 2024

Complete the registration form below to express your interest and receive further information.

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