Sports Apprenticeships based in the Community

Community Apprenticeships

Invest in Apprenticeship opportunities to deliver impact within your community setting to promote and encourage young people to develop lifelong physical activity habits.

Apprenticeships provide additional opportunities to expand your community sports provision and create a professional development pathway for existing members of staff.

Level 2 Community Activator Apprenticeship (13-15 months)

Employing an apprentice within your community setting will increase opportunities and capacity to supporting coaching whilst engaging and enriching participants’ experience.

In this role, apprentices will:

  • support community delivery, everyday sessions and holiday programmes.
  • Deliver project-based tasks to support whole organisation agenda
  • Be a community ambassador for the organisations
  • support at key community events to promote the values and ethos of your organisation.

Event Assistant Apprenticeship Level 3 (13-18 months)

This apprenticeship is a standard that can be used widely within the events sector.

As an event assistant with Sporting Futures Training, delivery is mainly in a sports setting, providing practical on-the-job experience to individuals plus support and workforce capacity for organisations.

  • Supports an events team or coordinator in planning, organising, and executing various types of events.
  • Understands how an event moves through its lifecycle from research and planning to delivery and
  • Learns how to manage your time effectively, by understanding each aspect of event logistics

Level 4 Sports Coach in the Community Apprenticeship (19 months)

Employing an apprentice within your community setting will increase opportunities and capacity to support coaching whilst engaging and enriching participants’ experience.

In this role, apprentices will:

  • Develops knowledge, skills, and behaviours to use targeted approaches to deliver sport and physical activity through community initiatives or clubs, considering Sport England participation and the wider
    government agenda.
  • Provides meaningful and valuable exercises for learning, development, and performance enhancement.
  • Delivers coaching programmes that focus on sustainable engagement and enrichment of participants.

Benefits for your community through employing an apprentice

We support a range of community employers, including; sports coaching companies, school sports partnerships and football foundations.

Working with Wycombe Wanderers Foundation (WWF)

With the strong relationship that has been forged between Educational and Sporting Sporting and Wycombe Wanderers Foundation (WWF) we have been able to work in partnership to expand the delivery capability of WWF across the wider community by offering apprenticeships across all their departments.

Using our experience of Community delivery we are able to work with the employer to find a model that will complement their current delivery. The initial conversations were that WWF wanted three apprentices, but we worked closely with them to enable them to have four apprentices, accessing the Levy Transfer, allowing them to expand their delivery and have a bigger impact in the community.

Having a strong knowledge/ background in the community setting has allowed us to develop a bespoke programme for Club Community Organisations (CCO’s).

A combination of face to face and virtual delivery has allowed the WWF apprentices to work with other apprentices in other CCO’s across the country.

With the support of WWF coaches and Educational Sporting Futures tutors the WWF apprentices have been fortunate enough to have a wide variety of experiences that they have been able to translate in to their coaching delivery.

As the WWF apprentices become a vital part of the delivery team it demonstrates the success of the programme.

“We have benefitted in multiple ways from the introduction of numerous cohorts of apprentices, and none more so in our ability to work with and engage with more participants in our community, but also in our ability to invest in the apprentices to grow our full time and part-time workforce.”

Andy Homent
Activity Programme Manager / Interim Head of Communications
Wycombe Wanderers Foundation

Learners are expected to deliver on a number of areas that will have an impact across the whole organisation including:-

  • Develop coaching philosophies and professional practice that consider key stakeholder needs, sporting contexts and codes
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of national trends, strategies for social change, local participation and performance data, and contemporary influences
  • Deliver appropriate pedagogies and processes that consider the community sport and physical activity context, culture, constraints, geographical infrastructure, and demographics
  • Profile engagement and development needs to set and monitor goals based on participant motives and measurement of psychological, physiological, social, emotional (whole child/person) attributes and sport specific skills.

Employer support for apprentices include:

  • Allowing independent study time for the apprentice
  • Assisting with prepareation for assessments and ‘Gateway’
  • Delivering progress reviews and monitoring of the apprentice in the workplace


Support and nurturing is the cornerstone of every apprenticeship.  We recommend an apprenticeship mentor, someone from within the organisation who can provide on-site support, and is able to assess, review and support the responsibilities the apprentice is undertaking.

Invest in an apprentice

Every Community organisation is different.  With the experience of our team of teachers and community sports leaders and managers we can provide information, advice and guidance to support your organisation to develop a bespoke CPD programme through apprenticeships.

If you’re interested in employing an apprentice to support your organisation, we look forward to hearing from you

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