National Apprenticeship Week 2024

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 takes place during the week from Monday 5th  to Sunday 11th February

Gain hands-on learning, experience the job you’re training in plus get paid!

It’s our chance to celebrate our amazing apprentices who have chosen an apprenticeship pathway as a stepping stone for their career in education.  

We are proud to share the apprenticeship journey of our learners, who are amazing role models to bring about awareness and share apprenticeships as either:-

– a credible career pathway for school leavers.
– a professional development pathway to upskill

“The week-long event is a crucial time to showcase the positive impact apprenticeships can have in shaping the workforce of tomorrow, shedding light on alternative employment pathways, which have never been of greater value”
Jill Eaton MBE, Co-Director

Our thanks to all our apprentices who have taken up the challenge to share their apprenticeship journey working in a primary or secondary school.

Amazing Apprenticeships are leading the way in creating resources for schools and colleges, parents and carers, employers, providers, and all stakeholders so they can get fully involved and maximise the opportunity to shout about the many benefits that apprenticeships can bring.

Everything you need to know about apprenticeships

Keep up to date with all the latest news and information with Amazing Apprenticeships who are a leading organisation in the education sector.  They do an amazing job tackling misconceptions about apprenticeships and promote the benefits.

Our exceptional team of proven experts in the Educational field can work with Employers to create an innovative bespoke Training Model through Apprenticeships.

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