Meet Teaching Assistant Claire

Claire was already working as an Inclusion Assistant since 2022 at Knebworth School supporting in Key Stage 1.  When she was approached to undertake an apprenticeship, she embraced the opportunity. Claire wanted to explore apprenticeship training to upskill and develop her knowledge to be able to better support the children and school.

Reflecting on her apprenticeship experience, Claire enjoyed everything she was was learning about children and her school.  The training she received on her training programme, enabled her to plan interventions and implement positive behaviour techniques.

Providing feedback on how her tutor supported her, Claire had nothing but high praise from her tutor; “Fantastic communication, great delivery of lessons, great support when needed.”

One of the biggest things Claire learnt during her apprenticeship was the differences in children and their learning abilities and the reasons why some children find things harder to learn than others.

Since completing her apprenticeship training, Claire continues the role she loves at Knebworth school, applying the knowledge and skills she has learnt to her Teaching Assistant role.

Claire’s response when asked if she would recommend an apprenticeship with Educational & Sporting Futures….

“It’s such a great way to further and develop your knowledge and it benefits both the children and yourself in your every day practice.”

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