A PE apprenticeship is an opportunity to make an impact in school sports halls and on the school playing fields to become a health and well-being role model for pupils.

The pupils at Woolenwick Junior School in Stevenage have first-hand experience from having a PE apprentice and enjoy the engaging PE lessons planned by Josh and Jack, who are both on the Level 3 Teaching Assistant pathway at Woolenwick Junior School.

Our health and wellbeing PE apprenticeships are a learning pathway into teaching through apprenticeship and work-based degree routes.

Are you interested in working as a level 3 Teaching Assistant with PE apprentice working in a primary school?

Here’s what you can expect:-

  • Apprentices can offer support in a wide range of areas to, build relationships, and inspire children to be active.
  • An opportunity to make a huge impact and become a role model for pupils.
  • Take the lead to plan and set up a range of PE lessons from ball skills to trampolining
  • Carry out sporting activities during break time, lunchtime, breakfast, and afterschool clubs.
  • Receiving onsite observation visits from experienced curriculum tutors.

PE Support
They can plan sessions, create games, engage children in sports, lead classes, and help staff enhance the national curriculum whilst meeting set targets.

An apprentice can carry out sporting activities during break time, lunchtime, breakfast, and afterschool clubs, which is a very crucial element to a sports apprentice’s role.

Role Model
As apprentices are usually under the age of 24, primary school children can often relate easily to them and are more likely to engage in sports and be willing to learn new skills, engaging them to start healthy and active lifestyles.