Reece Durn | Level 4 Sports Coach Apprenticeship


What did/do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship experience? 

The opportunities of CPD that were offered.

What initiatives have you been able to implement as an apprentice? 

I have started new sports clubs at my school (Fitness and Mulit-Sports).

Provide feedback on how your tutor has supported you. 

Tutor would have team calls or in person meetings/catch ups to see how I was doing if I needed any support and was happy to help anytime.

What is the biggest thing you have learnt during your apprenticeship? 

To have more confidence in my ability and how we can alter lesson plans and activities to fit all needs

How would you describe your apprenticeship journey? 

Very supported from training provider making tasks and assignments easy to understand and complete

How have you found working with primary/secondary children?

Really enjoy it and enjoy being someone who creates a positive feeling about sports and activities to young children

I would recommend an apprenticeship with Educational & Sporting Futures because…. 

They help you to develop personal skills but also the way the apprenticeship is run you feel supported all the time without feeling like you are working on your own.

Future Aspirations
I have already finished my apprenticeship by have now gone into a new Primary and Infants school where I am in charge of leading PE and ensuring the school offer a wide variety of activities to students as well as support teachers with the resources they need for the lessons they lead